The Ultimate ChatOps for Github

Github's permission model is not very fine-grained. You're either an "owner," an "admin," or a "member." Sometimes, you want to let people (like your HR or IT teams) invite new team members to your org without making them an owner. Enter GitKontrol!

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Github ❤ Slack

Create teams, manage repos, invite collaborators, and more: right from your company chat room. On-the-go? If you're on Slack, you've got all the Github tools right at your fingertips.

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Fine-grained permissions allow users to take actions without needing owner access. HR can invite new team members. Ops can add deploy keys. Teams can install Github Apps to their repos from a whitelist you specify. No more "hey, can you set this for me?"


Get alerted when critical actions happen in your Github org. Alert a chat room when new repos are created, when new team members or collaborators are added, and more.

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